Why Us

1. Real freshness as produce harvested after your order the evening before delivery. Least handling as the produce is packed on the farm and forwarded straight to you.
2. Connection with what you eat as you can see pictures and videos of the field, workers, harvest and packing through links given below the picture of the produce ordered by you.
3. Safety as our produce is grown with a combination of organic fertiliser such as vermi-compost and regular inorganic fertilisers; as well as an integrated pest management approach that uses bio-control methods such as use of approved bacteria and fungii alongside use of internationally approved and safe chemical pesticides.
4. Quality that comes from years of experience in growing vegetables and fruit from best seeds and planting material procured from world over as well as experience in reaching the produce fresh to you, the consumer.
5. Traceability as you trace each product not only to pictures of the field and workers but also to the exact geographical location of the field via a link to Google Earth.